Dramatic Cost Savings

Greven Skin Care Solutions offers the lowest cost for ultra high performance skin care products. Our advanced production methods and facilities allow us to produce without waste, and without excess costs. The result is lower prices for our customers, and the highest possible value. And, this is true raw cost savings, not “value added” through a questionable cost/use calculation. The fact is; our prices are lower than the competition by up to 30%. That is a significant difference.

Economical Metered Dispensing

Peter Greven Eco I and Eco II Dispensers deliver between 1ml and 2ml per push. That is between 33% and 100% less than the market leading products. So, the cost per hand washing is much less. Yes, many people will push the dispenser lever more than once, but they will also do the same thing with competitive products. Our heavy-duty hand cleaners dispense up to 2,000 hand washings. Our light duty, pre-work and conditioning products dispense 2,000 applications per bottle. Result: Our cost per hand washing is at least 33% less than our competitor’s hand washing cost.



The purpose of ultra high quality products is to deliver better performance that results in using less product to do the same job. In-plant observation has shown that workers who have very dirty hands often need to wash more than once, using multiple applications of hand cleaner. With our heavy-duty products, one or two dispenser applications are all you need to complete the total cleaning of any kind of grime. Add high performance to lower raw cost and economical metered applications, and the result can be up to 50% savings.