Highly Concentrated Skin Conditioning Cream


Restoring the skin to its natural state of health helps avoid dermatitis and skin disease and promotes an overall healthy lifestyle. Skin that is continuously exposed to harsh chemicals, abrasive material or drying elements becomes depleted of its natural moisture and integrity. Regular use of high quality skin conditioners helps restore the skin to its natural elasticity and suppleness.

SPEZIALCREME C is a highly concentrated formula to restore the body’s natural skin moisture and lipids. People in all types of employment use this product. It is used 3 to 5 times per day to help maintains soft and smooth skin in industrial applications. It can be used daily on hands and face for soothing dry skin. Excellent for chapping, chafing and dry skin.

It is ideal for Machine shops, metal working facilities, maintenance areas, chemical plants, cardboard plants, warehouses, offices and healthcare facilities.



SPEZIALCREME C is a concentrated cream product that is quick and easy to use and is absorbed into the skin quickly and easily. It leaves no greasy feeling after use.

SPEZIALCREME C contains only the highest quality ingredients and concentrated to give the best results. It outperforms competitive products in every case.

After use there is no loss of sensation in the fingers or skin. It has a pleasant light fragrance. Contains no silicone.



This eco-friendly product is biodegradable and the packaging is completely recyclable. It exceeds all green specifications, and all ingredients are certified to be fully sustainable. SPEZIALCREME C does not contain any harmful ingredients.



SPEZIALCREME C gives our customers the “VALUE PLUS” of low cost and more efficient dispensing systems. The overall cost is less than similar competitive products. With over 2,000 applications per bottle and low initial purchasing price, SPEZIALCREME C will save money for every installation.



• Supports the regenerative process of the skin
• Replenishes natural skin moisture and lipids
• Soothes chapped, chafing and dry skin
• Fast absorbing and silicone free
• Light mild fragrance


Pack sizes available

100ml tube 12 Pack
SN 12985009
2000ml bottle 4 Pack
SN 13361004

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