Pre-Work Cream Against Oil-based Substances


Avoiding harsh chemicals, irritants and sensitizers is an important step for maintaining proper skin integrity. Using an effective pre-work cream can help the skin to avoid irritation, de-fatting and excessive absorption from work place contaminants. REMO-TEC is a proactive step to maintaining healthy skin for a healthy lifestyle.

REMO-TEC is a pre-work cream formulated to avoid the adhesion of stubborn soil, dirt and oil-based substances. It facilitates fast and easy clean up. People in all types of employment where oil-based hazards are present use this product.

Automotive repair and body shops, machine shops, dirty manufacturing, maintenance areas, aviation, painters and chemical workers. It is ideal for grease and grime, oils, paint, varnish, tar, ink, soot and carbon black.

It is used 3 to 5 times per day to help maintain healthy skin in industrial applications. It can be used daily on hands and arms or other exposed areas. It is not designed for use on the face.



REMO-TEC contains only the highest quality raw materials and is closely monitored during the manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality. It is designed to keep skin away from stubborn soils and oil based hazards.

It is a unique formula that avoids the adhesion of oil based hazards and soils and it also contains detergents to help wash up. This promotes quicker and easier removal of contaminants instead of using technical solvents or harsh hand cleaners.

After use there is no loss of sensation in the fingers or skin. It has a pleasant light fragrance. It helps improve the grip of tools or work materials. Contains no silicone.



This eco-friendly product is biodegradable and the packaging is completely recyclable. It exceeds all green specifications, and all ingredients are certified to be fully sustainable. REMO-TEC does not contain any harmful ingredients.



REMO-TEC gives our customers the “VALUE PLUS” of low cost and more efficient dispensing systems. The overall cost is less than similar competitive products. With over 2,000 applications per bottle and low initial purchasing price, REMO-TEC will save money for every installation.



• Helps prevent dirt-particle adhesion
• Facilitates easy wash up
• Increases the ability to grip better
• Contains oil-suspending emulsifiers
• Silicone free


Pack sizes available

250ml bottle – 24 Pack
SN 13402015

2000ml bottle – 4 Pack
SN 13402011

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