Why Olive Core scrubbers?

Olive Core Scrubbers are a natural resource and are readily available, and provide a very high quality and consistent scrubber. They have been extensively tested in our labs and in a very significant field test in Europe, with excellent results. They are 100% renewable and biodegradable.

What testing was carried out on the Olive Core scrubbers?

The biodegradability and compatibility of olive core powder are well known from technical literature. With regard to compatibility, there are no allergies or incompatibilities known for olive cores, whereas nuts (e.g. walnuts or hazelnuts) may cause them regularly.

Peter Greven Skin Care has fully tested olive core scrubbers in our labs for quality, performance and skin compatibility. Of course, we do have certificates for the end product’s dermatological compatibility.

What are the major problems associated with smooth polyethylene scrubbers?

Plastic scrubbers are becoming harder to get, and have been outlawed in the US and Canada because of their extensive use in facial scrubs for the retail market. Activists believe they are harmful to aquatic life by being ingested and become part of the food chain, even reaching to humans and have convinced the governments of these countries to pass laws against their use in soaps.

What are the problems associated with titanium dioxide?

Titanium Dioxide in powder form has been suspected to cause cancer in laboratory animals when inhaled. When included in a liquid emulsion, it does not cause any problems and is used to “whiten” the product. California has passed a law (Prop 65) that says any product containing titanium dioxide in any form must be labeled as a “cancer risk, birth defect risk, or reproductive harm risk.” Signs must also be posted in any facility using titanium dioxide warning users. This law has dozens of chemicals listed, not just titanium dioxide. Thus, we have removed all offensive chemicals from MP-ECO.

What is the pending Eco Label Certification and when is this certification likely to be in place?

“Eco labeling” is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification and labeling that is practiced around the world. An eco label identifies products or services proven environmentally preferable overall, within a specific product or service category.

The application for the certification is currently pending. Unfortunately, the authorities do not give a time frame. We estimate that we will receive the certificate in the third quarter of 2016, August at the earliest.

Other relevant information relating to the development of MP-ECO and the benefits it brings to customers.

MP-ECO also contains rapeseed oil, which has an impact on the good performance in terms of the cleansing power (helps to loosen the dirt) and in terms of the skin compatibility (re-moisturizing). MP-ECO’s good environmental compatibility is not only guaranteed by the removal of plastic scrubbing agents, but also by the removal of other environmentally harmful ingredients and surfactants based on mineral oil. The surfactants used in MP-ECO are manufactured on the basis of sustainably cultivated plants (e.g. RSPO certificate).

During MP-ECO

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