Interview with Louis Rios

When we were photographing the “Before, During and After” pictures showing how well Active Force MP cleans hands, we used a local man with hard working hands. We covered his hands with carbon black, oil and grime from a car. During the washing off process, he kept saying, “Wow, I can’t believe this. Wow! Wow!” So, I asked him what he was experiencing.

Q.  Louis, why were you saying “Wow!” so much?

A. When you put all of that dirt and grime on me, I didn’t think it would be easy to get off. I have used other hand cleaners over the years, and I thought this dirt would be a chore to remove.

Q. So, what happened?

A. As soon as I started to wash, the grime just melted away. I couldn’t believe it was that easy! I didn’t even have to scrub hard. It was just a light washing motion. I was astounded! The more I washed, the more surprised I was! That is a great product!

Just another satisfied user of our products, proving that the hand washing demonstration is still the best way for people to find out just how great our products really are.

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