Many customers report, “We like this much better than what were using!”
• Quality is “Second to None” in the marketplace
• Performance is unsurpassed

Active Soft Pearls makes offerings by the competition obsolete!
• Completely new and different
• German engineering and innovation

Distributer price is as much as 32% lower than the market leader!
• Packed 4 per case
• End user cost is more than 50% lower

Soft Pearls and HBH are 100% biodegradable!
• MP is 95% biodegradable and HBH is 100%
• All major products are solvent free
• Packaging is completely recyclable


• Once the customer hears the story
— You have to prove it
— They’ve heard it all before

Prove it with a demonstration!

• Ask for an opportunity to wash the hands of someone who is really dirty in their facility
— Bring in that person and let them be the one who shows the proof is in the washing.

• Once this is done, ask for a “Trial Installation Demo”
— Get the input from everyone, not just one person
— Let the employees get “buy in”


• A “Trial Installation Demo” accomplishes several things for them and for you.

• It allows them to get input from many employees and be assured that the people are happy with change
 People hate change and the decision maker must feel confident that it won’t “blow up in his face!”

• It gets you into the high traffic areas of the facility
— You can see the applications needed and be sure you are giving them the right product
— You can see what they are using now
— You can see areas for other sales

• Be sure to actually hang the dispenser in place, don’t just leave it for them to do
— It still won’t be done when you return unless you do it!


• Tape up the “Trial Survey” sheet next to the trial installation

This is the critical step!!!!
 When the people mark the survey, “I like it better”, there can be no objection on the part of the decision maker
— This step guarantees the order!

Close the Order!

Go back to the facility no later than 7 to 10 days.
— Longer will lower the impact of the “Trial Installation Demo”

• Before asking the decision maker, “How did the trial go?”
— First ask to go and get the “Trial Survey”
— Then, you will know how the trial went and so will the decision maker!

• Most of the time the people will have filled up the “I like it better” side of the survey

• Now, just ask for the order, there can be no argument!